Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Emperors of Nippon

Emperor Jimmu, the mythical 1st Emperor of Nippon (660-585 BCE)

From the dawn of the culture of Nippon the ruling dynasty has provided an unbroken line of Emperors. The earliest six are often referred to as the Emperors of Japaneses Mythology while the current Emperor Akihito is an active participant in current World affairs. Until 1945 the Emperor of Nippon was seen as Divine in the Shinto Religion.

Showa (Known as Hirohito in the US, but in Nippon the Emperor is given his "official" name after he dies), 124th Emperor of Nippon and last emperor believed to be Divine by the Japanese people. (1926-89)

The current emperor, Akihito, 125th Emperor of Nippon. (1989-present)By law the Emperor of Japan is "the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people," in other words the emperor is now a ceremonial figurehead with little real political power but immense prestige.

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