Friday, January 13, 2017

A well trained knight was a skilled killing machine adept at the strengths and proper usage of the most common weapons of the time.  In the Middle Ages these could include weapons for bashing and smashing such as the mace, flail, morning-star; for cutting, and slicing the hand axe, battle-axe and halberd were preferred; when cutting and stabbing were called for the dagger, one handed sword, hand and a half bastard sword and the massive two handed sword were the most commonly used.  All knights were trained in the use of the lance for mounted combat and most could shoot the crossbow or bow.  All these weapons took years of practice to master and most knights practiced as if their lives depended upon it, as it would in real combat.

When it came to armor, a knight could always be counted on to purchase the best they could afford.  The poorest knights might be forced to use quilted, Brigantine or at worst hardened leather.  Those with more means would wear scalemail, chainmail or chain and plate while the wealthiest would have the best protection by using full plate.