Saturday, February 13, 2016

Justinian and Theodora-Greatest Rulers of the Eastern Roman Empire

Justinian I the Great, Emperor (527-565) of the Eastern Roman Empire, the most successful of the Emperors after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. His Justinian Code of Laws so revolutionized the legal system that the term "Code of Justice" is derived from his name.  He also had the largest domed cathedral in the World, the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) built.

Empress (527-548) Theodora was one of the greatest female leaders of the Roman Empire. During the Nika Riots of 532, she is credited as being the power, through her personal courage and convincing arguments, that kept Justinian from abandoning the throne (at the cost of up to 30,000 rioters deaths).  Afterwards she was his most trusted advisor and with her support they reformed Constantinople and the Empire into a wonder of the World that would continue to keep alive the glories of the Romans for centuries to come. A strong supporter of the rights of women, she work tirelessly to improve their status and legal standing in the Empire.

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