Friday, September 21, 2012

Renaissance Cannon - Death with a Bang

"Vive le Roi," (Long Live the King), cannon of the armies of the king of France. Note the fleur de lys design embossed on the barrels.
A deadly serpent ready to strike.
Ottoman splendor that brought death to the enemies of the Sultan.
Early bombards such as this spelled doom to the tall Medieval castles that had protected the nobles for centuries.
The development of artillery was a trial and error process.  Some ideas such as this early breech loading design were centuries ahead of their time (in other words, a good idea that couldn't safely work with the metallurgy of the era)
But some improvements were very successful as this improved bombard clearly shows.
The last sight any enemy would want to see, the mouth of one of the improved artillery pieces right before it goes BOOM!

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