Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Social Classes of Shogun Era Nippon

LORDS-less than one percent of the population-owned 100 percent of the land

Emperor-one continuous dynasty with little real power

Shogun-Supreme General, Military Dictator of Japan ( seii taishogun-great general who subdues eastern barbarians) true ruler in Nippon

Daimyos-Powerful Lords/Nobility, large landowners and provincial governors, had private armies of Samurai

Samurai-("those who serve") military vassals and warrior class, followed code of Bushido


Ronin-master-less samurai, warriors for hire, thought of as bandits and mercenaries

-no longer members of the Lord Class but better than commoners


COMMONERS-normally your occupation was the same as your parents but some mobility was possible for those with special skills

Peasant Workers-majority of the people Skilled Artisans/Craftsmen-prized and admired for their skills

Merchants-despised for their use of money

Eta-the untouchables, did all the dirtiest jobs in the country

Under normal conditions you were a member of the class you were born into and not allowed to move into a better class.

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