Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Republic of Rome

The full government form of the Roman Republic was very complex-here is a brief description of the key features of pre-Imperial Rome:

The Roman Republic's power was shared. Here are the main offices of the Republic:
Consul(x2) - head of state
Dictator - appointed for 6 month in time of crisis
Pontifex Maximus - head of religion
Censor - in charge of public morality
Praetor - law officer
Aedile - in charge of public works
Quaestor - treasurer

Tribunes-had the power to veto laws of the Senate, Tribunes were elected by the Plebeians

The assemblies also controlled aspects of Roman life. These are the various assemblies:
Senate - patrician assembly
Comitia Curiatia - dealt with Roman life and religion
Comitia Centuriata - military assembly
Concilium Plebuis - plebeian assembly
Comitia Tributa - Tribal assembly

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