Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Renaissance Fashion-through the Eyes of the Painter

<><>One of the great hallmark's of the Renaissance was the break through in the realistic style of painting of portraits. All of the greatest artists of the day tried their had at this lucrative work in the process creating some of the greatest and most famous art of all time.

-da Vinci

-Durer -Holbien-Raphael -Titian-Botticelli- "Simonetta Vespucci"; Titian- "Caterina Cornaro"; Raphael- "Lady with a Unicorn," "Young Man with Apple," "The veiled Woman"; Holbien- "Edward(VI) Prince of Wales"; Durer- "Young Venetian Woman," "Self Portrait at 26"; da Vinci- "Portrait of a Musician," "Lady with an Woman" Ermine," "Portrait of a

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