Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The Religion of Ancient Egypt was complex to say the least.  Three thousand years of additions, revisions, outside influences, and political policies made often drastic changes in name and responsibilities of many gods. Here is a small sampling of some of the more important gods of Egypt: Horus sky god-war god-protector god, symbol of Pharaoh as a living god on Earth-son of Isis-bitter enemy of Set; Set (Seth,Septh)god of chaos-evil-darkness brother of Osiris; Osiris god of the dead, ruler of the underworld; Isis-sister/wife of Osiris-goddess of motherhood, family, magic and later intelligence and beauty; Thoth-god of writing, he recorded the deeds of people used in the weighing of the heart; Anubis-god of embalming and guide of the dead-later judge of the dead

Weighing of the heart, Amat awaits the judgment and will consume the heart and soul of those who fail the test. Note the many ankh (religious symbol for eternal life) visible in both the print above and in hands of the gods.

Amun Ra (Ra, Amun, Amen, Amen Ra, Amun Ra, Re, Amun Re) Was the last great god created by the Egyptians. Originally a version of the Sun god, Amun Ra eventually was proclaimed the "King of the Gods," so much so that the Ancient Greeks referred to him as Zeus.

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