Friday, March 18, 2011

Leonardo da Vinci

Lenardo da Vinci the ultimate Renaissance man-April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519

Self portrait red chalk on paper circa 1512-1515, Royal Library of Turin

His creative mind was centuries ahead of the rest of the World. Here is his design for a bike, from one of his early 16th century folios. Mass produced versions looking like this design were not made until the late 19th century.

As a scientist and inventor he was enamored with the concept of mans ability to fly. Here is one of his designs for a man powered machine.

Human and animal anatomy was also a passion of Leonardo. He felt that a better understanding of what was under the skin, flesh and muscle would make him a better artist.

Here we see his "drawing" from the inside out concept on this incomplete St. Jerome sketch. The bones are clearly visible as Leonardo is starting to "flesh out" his creation. This drawing is another of the many works that the great master never completed.

Portrait of Ginevra de' Benci, circa 1474/-478, oil on panel, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

The young man in this photo clearly shows the average size of most of Leonardo's portraits.

Virgin of the Rocks circa 1495-1508 oil on panel National Gallery, London. This is an improved version of his earlier work Madonna of the Rocks. Both as famous for the detailed and beautiful backgrounds that were a hallmark of many of his works.

These two pages of original line sketches by Leonardo are examples of his varied interests in all aspects of his World.
Among the objects depicted are, men, feathers, wings, gauges, complex machinery and elements of nature.

These reconstructions of his famous mechanical "robot" knight demonstrate some of our continued infatuation with Leonardo, Renaissance Master.

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