Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Powis Castle-Where a Fortress became a Palace

For more than 700 years Powis Castle has been in continuous use in Wales. The original keep is still very prominent. Powis Castle is the ancestral home of Lord Herbert, the Sixth Earl of Powis.

Over the centuries the purpose of the castle slowly changed from the defense of the lords family and property to that of a luxurious home of the rich.
Arrow loops became glass windows. Battlements were planted with trees and flowers and beautiful works of art replaced the implements of war.

The hillside, once clear of pant life to give archers a clear killing ground are now covered with acres of lush gardens and dozens of bronze statues.

Today, Castle Powis has all the modern amenities available, but the "look" of a castle is still visible.

The lords of Powis now have a modern home in an ancient castle. The castle is now more of a palace than a machine of war, but its location on the top of this hill clearly demonstrates the military reason the castle was first built.

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