Monday, January 24, 2011

The Castle-High Point of the Lords Defenses

Ludlow Castle, on the Welsh boarder, looking a little worn as she nears her 1000 birthday. The original rectangular Norman Keep dates to 1086 CE.
Therri crosses the moat, the original drawbridge was replaced with this bridge in the 15th Century.

The massive gateway held a portcullis, three gates and murder holes.

Look out below, any attacker would be faced with defenders shooting arrows from above. Here I am standing on the third floor, there were two more fighting levels in this tower above this floor.

Therri is in the unfortunate position any attacker would have been in after entering the courtyard.

People were shorter in the Middle Ages. The short doorway was also part of the defense works, could an attacker swing a sword while passing through this doorway?
Many gateways had smaller single man doorways built in them for more secure access.

Every castle had a chapel, this is a rare round one built in the 11th century at Ludlow Castle.

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