Thursday, January 27, 2011

Castle Defences

Double gatehouse complex of the Tower of London.

The drawbridge was a key defense for the gates of many castles.

The Tower, a mini-castle to strengthen the curtain wall.
Murder Hole

Fighting stairs, defenders could easily strike down while attackers were hindered by the tight curve of the right turning stairs. The hand railing is a modern safety feature.

The Outer Ward where squires learned the skills needed by knights and where knight and Men-at-Arms continued to hone their skills.

The Keep, this was the oldest and safest part of Ludlow Castle(1086).

The Moat, ten centuries ago it was even deeper, nature is slowing refilling this man made defense.

Embrasures and Battlements with arrow loops.

Arrow Loops by the score stud an outer curtain wall of the Tower of London.

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