Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall of the Western Roman Empire-an Object Lesson for All

>The remains of the Great Forum of Rome-power center of the Roman World

The total destruction of the Western Roman Empire is a warning to all future cultures. Barbarians care little for the culture, art, or society of their "enemies." Barbarians will stike hard at societies that are unwilling or unable to defend themselves. The "Fall Of Rome" section of this blog lists many of the important reasons for the collapse of this great and one time powerful civilization. Some of the causes were external, but most of the reasons for Rome's collapse were internal-they aided in their own destruction! This is the greatest object lesson of all-the greatest danger to any society comes from within! Any culture can self destruct if its people are not diligent in their study of the lessons of past collapses.

>Ruins of Roman City of Sbeitla, Tunisia

>Remains of a Roman Government Building in Italy

>Aqueduct of New Carthage, smashed by Barbaians

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