Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall of Rome: Military Causes

The collapse of Rome was due to many varied reasons. It is important to remember that the collapse was not quick but rather was gradual at first and slowly gained speed as the years and centuries passed. There are so many causes that few historians agree as to which were the most important. These are some of the major Military reasons for the Fall of the Roman Empire.

-Hired non-Romans for the Army, German/barbarians eventually make up 80% of the army who were loyal to their generals not the state.
-Barbarian invasions, 300+ years of constant pressure from ever larger barbarian tribes.
-Expensive military, eventually over 50% of the Imperial expenses.
-Generals become the main contenders for the throne often taking their armies from the frontier defenses as they marched on Rome.
-Quality and loyalty of soldiers declined.

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