Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stages of Knighthood

The Page Boy (Varlet) 5 to 14:

Lives at another knights castle-Learns basic skills of weapons & tactics-Taught to be religious, graceful, quick & strong

The Squire 15-19:

Sharpens his hunting & fighting skills-Cleaned & prepared knights equipment-Dressed the knight-Accompanied knight on campaign-Learns the Code of Chivalry

Knight 20+:

Becomes a Vassal to a Lord who gives the knight his "spurs" and Fief

Follows the Code of Chivalry (Honor):-Loyalty to his Lord--Faithful to his lady love--Loyal to the Church--Protect weak/poor/helpless/women/children-Be brave, well trained & bear hardship-Be fair, just, kind & truthful

Gives Homage-honor and service to his Lord

The Lord (a knight himself) could be a hard taskmaster, regardless, a knights duty was to follow his Lords orders without fail.

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