Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post War Nippon

Downtown Osaka at the end of World War Two, intensive bombing with both high explosive and incendiary bombs has reduced the city to little more than rubble. Most major cities in the country suffered similar fates and more than 2 million of the nations population died in less than four years of war.

American occupation forces soon set about the task of both rebuilding the nation and its form of government. The Americans were surprised to find the people of Nippon were in most cases friendly and willing to assist in the duties required of them (much of this was due to the Emperors request that his people cooperate fully with their conquerors).

By the 1960's a new generation had adapted to the American way of life, rebuilt their cities and industry and embarked on making Nippon into a peace loving economic powerhouse.

Modern downtown Osaka.

Nippon has become one of the great economies of the Modern World. The Nikkei Index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange covers the third largest stock exchange on the planet with a market cap value of over 4 trillion dollars.

Nippon has come far from the Feudal society that it was in the 1850's. In the century and a half since that time, Nippon has continued to modernize and reinvent itself into one of the greatest economic powers and technological movers on Earth.

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