Friday, November 12, 2010

November 2010 Study Guide

Roman/China Study Guide 2010

Be able to draw your three Chinese Characters

Be able to define/describe/explain the following:
SPQR, Constantinople/Byzantium, Pax Romana, Silk Road, Han Dynasty, Buddhism, Dynasty,
The Great Wall, Justinian, Ancestor Worship, Civil Service, Sun Tzu,
T’ang Dynasty, Dictator, Daoism, Zheng He

On the Map of Asia/China be able to locate China, Japan, Israel and seven of the following,: Afghanistan, East China Sea, India, Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Mongolia, North Korea, Pakistan, Pacific Ocean, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South China Sea, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam. The map on page 676 in your book has the correct locations.

Be able to discuss/list/identify five important facts for each of the following:
Ch’in Dynasty, The Julian Caesars, Ming Dynasty, Confucianism, Roman Months, Eastern Roman Empire, Chinese Religions,
Life Cycle of a Dynasty, Why Rome Fell, Chinese Inventions,
Chinese Barriers from Invasion

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