Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dynasties Come and Dynasties Go

Life Cycle of a Dynasty

Birth: Revolts and wars following the death of the previous dynasty eventually leave a single strong victor-the new dynasty.
Youthful: full of high energy, the new dynasty aggressively extends its control over China, launches a series of social and economic “reforms” and expands or secures its borders with its neighbors.
Middle Age: content with its successes, the dynasty is now at the height of its power, secure at home and abroad the dynasty enters a state of internal and external peace and cultural advancement often referred to as a “Golden Age.”
Old Age: resistant to change, the dynasty becomes stagnant and self absorbed, the military becomes weak, border security fails, effects of natural disasters are worst due to weak central government action, unrest within the population increases as revolts become more common and the dynasty loses more and more control over the countryside.
Death: revolts and war finally overwhelm the dynasty and a new period of unrest and warfare wracks the country until the next dynasty is born.

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