Monday, September 20, 2010

A Month By Another Name...

Did you know that the names of all the months are Roman Names?

January is: Mensis Janus the Month of the god Janus
February is: Mensis Februarius the Month of Purification
March is: Mensis Matius the Month of god Mars (war)
April is: Mensis Aprilis the Month of the goddess Aphrodite(love)
May is: Mensis Maia the Month of the goddess Maia(growth)
June is: Mensis Junni the Month of the family goddess Juno
July is: Mensis Julius(Quintilis)the Month of Julius Caesar
August is: Mensis Augustus(Sextius)the Month of Augustus Caesar
September is: Mensis Septem the Month Seven
October is: Mensis Octo the Month Eight
November is: Mensis Novem the Month Nine
December is: Mensis Decem the Month Ten

Next time you write the month as a date you are using the name given by the ancient Romans twenty centuries or more ago in the past.

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